Wedding Dresses

What is your wedding dress style? Whether you’re looking for a casual dress for an outdoor wedding, or a classic satin ball gown for a indoor hall event, we have hundreds of wedding dresses to choose from. Refine your search by style, silhouette, neckline, fabric, and more.


How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

With so many fits, fabrics, and even colors, trying to pick your perfect wedding dress can seem a bit overwhelming! Instead of aimlessly searching through bridal magazines and Pinterest boards to find your dream dress, try choosing only one aspect of the dress at a time. For example, decide whether you want a traditional white dress or would rather go with something a little more modern. Next, decide how you would like for your dress to fit (i.e. strapless, long sleeved, etc.). After you have picked a fit, pick a fabric! Do you want silk? Satin? A lace overlay? Crystal embellishment? Once you have browsed all of these categories separately, try searching for a dress that includes all of your choices (from your preferred designer, if you have one). You will obviously still have a variety of dresses from which to choose, but this certainly narrows down your options and makes it easier to pick your perfect gown!

1. Pick a color

Many women go into the process with their heart set on a traditional white gown. If this is you, skip to step #2. However, more and more women are choosing to go the more modern route. Some stray from the traditional path only slightly and choose an off-white or cream-colored dress while others may choose to pave their own route and go for a brightly colored dress. Start by browsing different colored dresses. Regardless of whether or not you like anything else about the dress, decide on a color that you are partial to and stick with it through the rest of the steps.

2. Choose a fit

Maybe you’ve dreamed of a specific fit since you were a little girl, or maybe you’ve dreamed of 100 different fits since planning your first fake wedding. No matter your starting point, take a step back and really think about what fit is going to look the best on your body type. We don’t all look like the girls we see in the bridal catalogs, so the way that the dress looks on a certain model may not fit the exact same on you. Be sure you’re not falling into the traps that catch many women: falling in love with the model’s hairstyle, makeup, height and waistline.

3. Select a fabric

This can be a tough one since there are so many fabrics to choose from. What’s most important is that you decide, before your bridal appointment, whether you want your dress to include a lace overlay, crystal embellishment, a belt, etc.

4. Try It In a Local Bridal Store

Before going in to take the final plunge and ordering your dress online, go to local bridal store and try a few dresses you like. Then you will know which one looks great on you and which one doesn't. If you find one that you are especially fond of, take a picture and find a similar style in our catalog. You will feel much more confident to order your wedding gown online.