What does a quality wedding gown fabric look and feel like?

Typically you will be able to both see and feel the difference in a quality wedding gown fabric. High quality material has a softer touch, thicker texture, and more elegant and luxurious gloss.

What does quality wedding gown beading look like?

  High quality beading is done by hand using sapphire quality beads, small sea pearls or Swarovski crystal. Beads are sewn on the dress properly Lower quality beading is usually done with plastic beads and sequences. And the beads are glued on the dress.

What does a quality wedding gown lining look like?


High quality lining is made with skin-friendly fabric, lined in the skirt by 0.08-0.15cm evenly consistent needle code.Totally-enclosed overlock looks clean and elegant. It gives the gown body and movement. Poor-quality dress has no lining inside,simple overlock with loose stitching, easily get worn out.


The bodice of high quality dress should be made with high-density fish bones, firm and elastic with perfectly fixing-effect which hold the body up straight and create a flattering shape. Poor-quality wedding dress is roughly made with no fish bones which has no shape and looks cheap.

Sewing & Seams

The sewing of a high quality dress shouldn't really be seen to the naked eye. Even if you look closely, you are seeing minimum seam lines through your wedding gown.

What does a quality wedding gown hem look like? 

A quality wedding gown hem is a hem that you should not really be aware of - the gown should just fade into infinity. A quality wedding gown hem is more likely to be hand stitched or if it is machine stitched, it's going to be very finely done.

What makes a wedding gown uncomfortable?

 A wedding gown mostly becomes uncomfortable if it does not fit. When you order your wedding gown you will learn all about sizing and fit. But if the gown is fitting you properly and is properly made, that is it has a good lining inside it, you will be comfortable on your wedding day.