Three Tips for Wedding Planning

by Shu Wang

How soon should couples start planning?

We normally anticipate couples will start planning their wedding 12-18 months before their chosen date, when most high-quality suppliers and venues will have reasonable availability. With so many suppliers on o er, you may have options even very close to your date, but it can be less reputable companies with late availability. Get key details like venue, caterer and photographer booked as early as possible.

What should you ask a wedding planner that you are thinking of using?

We would expect to be asked if we have worked at their chosen venue before and to see pictures or videos of weddings we have planned. Wealso recommend reading testimonials. Facebook and social media is great for that! Couples liketo hear about our awards too – most reputable awards are voted for by our couples – what better recommendation is there?!

What’s the most common mistake people make when starting to plan their wedding?

Trying to involve too many people in the process, trying to please everyone and getting too involvedin small details before making big decisions. Choose maybe one or two key people to be involved throughout – everyone else can just turn up and enjoy themselves on the day. Get your venue sorted before choosing flowers – with no venue you won’t have anywhere to put them, no matter how beautiful they are!


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