Select the perfect style and design of your wedding dress

by Shu Wang

Soon after engagement, a bride-to-be will begin the process of shopping for a wedding gown. This is one of the most important decisions a bride will make, and the design of the gown can set the tone for the entire wedding. Will the gown be ultraformal with a cathedral-length train, or will it be more casual with a simple colored sash? Will the gown be made of silk, organza, taffeta, lace, or satin? As for color, will it be a classic choice such as white, ivory, or champagne, or will it contain a modern flash of pink, lime, or blue? These are just a few of the many considerations that go into this important decision.

Wedding styles come and go, so it is important for a bride to stay on top of the trends through reading the latest blog, wedding magazines and visiting bridal fashion shows.

You do not want to recommend a gown with long lacy sleeves to a client only to be told that it looks like her mother’s gown from the 1970s.

Fashion-forward brides look to the runways of Paris and New York for inspiration. Fashion statements made at celebrity events such as the Academy Awards are quickly copied, becoming knockoffs that mainstream retailers offer as bridal attire for the general public.

Gowns adorned with lots of “bling” are turning heads on the runway, with beads, crystals, and pearls making statements.

Up-to-the-moment gowns can have skirts with tiered tulle layers, voluminous bubble hems, or fabric trim designed by fashion icons.


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