Prepare For a Destination Wedding

by Shu Wang

So what's a destination wedding? A destination wedding is held in a location where neither one of the couple lives.

Couples choose to have a destination wedding for a number of reasons. They tend to be intimate affairs with only the closest of friends and family members in attendance, as associated travel costs can be considerable. Because of the distance, stressful haggling over guest lists dissipates and reception costs decrease dramatically, which allows for considerable overall savings of money and sanity. When calculating cost for a destination wedding, don't miss costs for transportation, lodging, meals etc.

Destination weddings are increasing in popularity, with 86 percent of couples considering a destination wedding, while 16 percent actually have one. Generally, an exotic or popular tourism destination is chosen, and the wedding often merges into the honeymoon. The joining of these two events even created a new term called the Wedding Moon.

Destination weddings are frequently all-inclusive, so the planning process becomes streamlined. Furthermore, couples will not experience the dramatic separation anxiety that can be associated with honeymoons, as many of the guests stay with the couple for an extended vacation. On the other hand, couples who envision a large affair with all of their friends and family members in attendance are likely to be disappointed and should therefore not seriously consider a destination wedding.


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