Plan a Great Bachelorette Party

by Shu Wang

As the maid of honor, you want to throw the best bachelorette party the world has ever seen. As you know, with great power comes great responsibility and it is up to you to make the bride’s bachelorette party dreams come true. But how does one just throw together a fabulous, unforgettable party? Are there any rules to follow? Will it meet the bride’s expectations? Keep reading to find out how to pull off a bachelorette party with maximum style and minimum stress.

Nothing says uninspired bachelorette party than straws, cakes and decorations featuring the male anatomy. You and your girls are better than that, so keep it classy and try to think of something more creative. Of course, the one exception to this rule is if the bride requests all things anatomical.

There is a whole world out there full of non-anatomically correct decorations, discover them! Have a theme, go wild, and get ideas from Pinterest. The world is your creative oyster waiting for you to find that pearl. Just make sure you communicate your ideas clearly to all those attending and allow plenty of notice, especially if you’re asking them to dress to a chosen theme.

Remember the bride does not pay for her own party. This means that you and the guests are on the hook for everything. Set a reasonable budget and follow it. You can have just as much fun with $500 as you can with $5,000. The good news is that many bars, restaurants and shows will give bridal parties discounts if you ask.

Destination bachelorette parties take a lot out of people, especially when one considers that members of the bridal party may need to travel to the wedding. Destination parties can kill a budget like no one has ever seen. If possible, keep the location within a one to two hour drive, so everyone can arrive fresh, ready to party and without getting broke to get there.

Schedule the bachelorette party to take place about four to six weeks before the wedding. This allows bridal stress to not seep into the festivities, but also excites the bride and the guests for the upcoming ceremony. A perfect schedule means a perfect night of fun.

Planning a night on the town doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive. Now you know how to plan the bachelorette bash to end all bashes. Show the bride-to-be why she made the right decision by picking you as a maid of honor by throwing the best party the world has ever seen.


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