Classy-Frugal Wedding Motifs

by Miranda Li

Having a classy and fashionable wedding is what every woman in the world is dreaming of, but how about if you have a tight budget? There are many different ways to achieve an expensive-look-like wedding with a proper planning and knowledge. To help you start, here are three easy ways for you to organize and have that big dream wedding of your life look stunning and elegant.

Being At your Best Before and During the Big Wedding Day

by Miranda Li

A wedding is supposed to come only once in a lifetime for a person. Women in particular, dream of a wedding that can be remembered in the best way possible. It is no surprise then that women also want to look amazingly and stunningly beautiful on their wedding day. Of course, a bride will always look beautiful in the eyes of her groom, but women would also want to stand out during this special occasion.

The Importance of a Wedding Rehearsal

by Miranda Li

A wedding ceremony marks the beginning of the rest of your wonderful life. It plays a very important role of setting the tone of your special day, puts that smile on him, feeling that lump on his throat, and that distinct look that is taking away his breath while cherishing every moment of you walking down that aisle.

5 Ideas for Unique Wedding Locations

by Miranda Li

Weddings are one of the most beautiful and joyous moments anyone could experience in a lifetime. A wedding is a ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. In many cultures it serves as a complete transition into adulthood, a permission to be a family. Throughout the ages weddings have been used as an expression of happiness, success, duty and prosperity.

Anti-breakdown Wedding Stress Busters

by Miranda Li

One of the most stressful planning that a person might experience is planning a wedding. There are a million details to take care of, and for a bride-to-be, it can be nerve wracking. Here are a few stress busters to take note of so that you can sail through your wedding without breaking apart.

Should You Get a Wedding Insurance?

by Miranda Li

Wedding insurance is an important aspect to consider prior to getting married. In simple terms, a wedding insurance policy is an insurance that covers many possible untoward incidences that may occur or happen that could or will affect the wedding day.

How Much to Spend on Wedding Photography

by Miranda Li

One of the many things that a couple should not forget in planning their wedding is choosing a good wedding photographer. Right at the planning stage, the couple should set a budget, which makes it easier to shortlist your choices.

The Bride and the Bouquet—Important Things to Remember

by Miranda Li

Your bridal bouquet is a very important wedding accessory. You get to carry a beautiful bunch of flowers designed especially for you as you walk down the aisle in your wedding day. A special bunch of flowers can make a huge difference to your wedding.

10 Tips In Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

The 5 Most Watched Celebrity Weddings

by Miranda Li

Celebrities are idolized as they are an integral part of our culture. Many follow them to vicariously participate in their popularity. Weddings are important personal experience but the weddings of celebrity are hugely important as it is something ordinary mortals can never expect to realize in reality.

The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cakes

by Miranda Li

A rare blending of almond, carrot, chocolate, cinnamon, fruit, marble, sponge and vanilla makes all cakes delicious and special in its own way. But what makes some cakes so extraordinary is their price. The average cost of an ordinary wedding cake in America is $540. But do you know that there are some wedding cakes that cost 10 x more than that?