Worried about Your Wedding Gloves?—Here are a Few Tips

by Miranda Li

History tells that the bride’s gloves are a sign of her status and power particularly among royal ladies. During the Renaissance era, gloves became more of a fashion-statement. Gloves worn by modern brides are a reflection her personal style.

Should you decide to wear gloves, you will surely welcome these tips:

Which Type of Wedding Veil is Best For You?

by Miranda Li

A bride must wear a veil as a symbol of her purity and innocence. Young women in the past wore their hair flowing down their back during their wedding to show that they are virgins. Whether the modern bride measures up to this tradition or not, the fact is that she has to wear a veil.

Here are different types of veil, now which one is best for you?

A Glance At Some American Wedding Customs & Traditions

by Miranda Li

Most American weddings still follow traditions and customs of yore. Whether the ceremony takes place in an ancient church, a 5-star hotel, a beach or even in the backyard, the event honors wedding customs and traditions.

Let’s take a glance of some of the most common traditions:

The Smart Way to Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

by Miranda Li

Typically, weddings happen just once in a woman’s life and it is a very delightful feeling of having to experience the wonder of choosing bridesmaids dresses and her own bridal dress or gown.  Choosing bridesmaids dresses is generally done by the bride and the bride needs to remember that the kind of bridesmaids dresses that she needs to choose are those that would suit the design of her own wedding gown.

Nailing the Weddings and Photographs Just Right

by Miranda Li

Pictures play a huge part in weddings. And with the advent of technology and social media, the pressure is on to come out with really good photos especially during weddings. It’s for posterity. It’s to record an unforgettable event. It’s to capture memories and freeze them in time.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer for You

by Miranda Li

So close to your wedding day and haven’t found the best photographer yet?  The following are helpful tips to help you pick the right theme and a photographer to make sure your wedding photos are surely memorable.

Bride Beautiful -- The Tricks to a Stress-free Wedding

by Miranda Li

In the run-up to the wedding, the bride is frazzled, on edge, or just freaking out trying to ensure that everything will be perfect on her special day. And while she’s supposed to be the star on her wedding day, the bride may miss out on important but often overlooked things for herself.

Wedding Advice from Celebrities

by Miranda Li

So many Hollywood celebrities have taken the plunge and have experienced first-hand preparing for a wedding. After having gone through it, they’ve got some nuggets of wisdom to share couples getting ready to say “I do.”

The Groom’s Role in Wedding Preparations

by Miranda Li

Guys like to leave it to the ladies when it comes to planning the wedding. More often than not, they see their role as the “yes man”, simply agreeing to what the bride wants in the guise of avoiding conflict. Grooms-to-be rarely think they have valuable input when it comes to the “details”. Truth is they don’t realize that participating in wedding planning isn’t just about putting together a special day but it’s actually a testament to how much they love their fiancées.

13 Tips On How To Save Money on Your Wedding

by Miranda Li

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on your wedding, learn how you can save thousands of dollars instead by employing these neat tricks in planning your wedding.