Wedding Dresses with Capes of 2018 Bridal Trends

by Miranda Li
romantic lace cape

Bold accessories are definitely in for 2018 and a bridal cape will add drama to any wedding day look.

So what if you're not into a veil? A bridal cape or shorter capelet is the perfect alternative. The sleek modern look of full length capes or capelets are the perfect way to make a statement when you walk down the aisle!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

by Miranda Li

Dear All,

On behalf of the entire team at Jeca Bridal, we hope you have a fantastic holiday season! I look forward to assisting you with your debutante in the New Year.

Kind Regards,
Deb Dresses Online Support Team

Ultra Violet Wedding Gowns for Year 2018

by Miranda Li
pantone ultra violet

Pantone’s newly announced the colour of the year for 2018 is a super-bright purple “ultra violet,” which executive director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman told the Times, “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking.”

Violet is a beautiful color that complements any springtime wedding. Whether you are going for a rustic outdoor feel or a romantic indoor wedding, violet is an excellent choice to use as either a trim colour or as the dominant colour scheme.

Custom Made Dress for Ms. Tants

by Miranda Li

We are going to add a new category on our websites to showcase custom made dresses for customers. These designs are mainly provided by customers. According to theirs specifications, we hand make the the dress from pattern to finish. Hope you could get inspirations from these dresses.

mob dresses
formal dresses
bridesmaid dress

What are some unique ideas for bridesmaids' gifts?

by Shu Wang
wedding gift for bridemaids

A lot of brides are wondering what are the unique ideas for their bridesmaids. Personal gifts are the way to go. Gifts that leave a unique impression. Chocolate offers these unique custom Chocolate Gifts for Weddings and other occasions. It is very unique and guaranteed to leave an impression.

Personally I’m a big fan of personalized anything. It adds the personal touch and they can use it whenever they want, after the wedding. Some fun personalized items include totes, jewelry, flip flops (for the reception), aluminum water bottles, cosmetic bag, etc.

I agree the best gifts are something personal, not the box ideas for a t shirt or a bag with bridesmaid on it, think of the person you asked and what is important to them. They don’t all have to be the same, but they can have a theme, instead of a champagne glass with your wedding date, how about a glass vase with their monogram, their favorite flower, their hobby or a poem, engraved on it. The wedding party will smile when they use for an everyday item, or a curio special event thing and remember you and the wedding. It is all about you on your wedding, day and what a great way to make a memory is to remind the people that standup for you that it is all about them, when you choose their gift. If you could engrave anything on a vase, or a frame what would you choose?

You can have a fun time shopping for one-of-a-kind necklaces, rings, headbands and much more! My personal favorite is a thoughtful piece of wedding jewelry that your bridesmaids can wear not only on your wedding day, but afterwards as well. I was the matron of honor in my sister’s wedding last fall, and she gave me a stunning Swarovski crystal necklace as a MOH gift. The necklace has tiny crystals in the shape of fall leaves with small coordinating multi-color beads. It is now one of my most prized possessions! Every time I wear it (which is often), I think of my sister and her wedding to my fab brother-in-law, and can’t help but smile. It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

What are Wedding Favors

by Shu Wang

Some couples do not give enough consideration to their wedding favors and this is quite unfortunate because the wedding favor is the one part of the wedding which your guests will take home as a reminder of your wedding.

If you are getting married, more than likely you know that one part of your wedding planning is going to be coming up with wedding favors. However, you may be wondering why you need to give out wedding favors and what the history is behind them. Do you really need to spend your money on sending your guests away with a gift? Believe it or not, there is a long history behind this tradition; and yes, it is generally a great idea to give your guests a nice memento to remember your day by.

History of Wedding Favors Wedding

Favors have been around for hundreds of years; in fact, centuries ago, aristocrats in Europe, especially those in Italy and France, would provide their wedding guests home with a small gift, which was called a bonbonniere. Basically this was a small box that was made out of metal, porcelain, precious stones, of even crystal. There were various confections made of sugar inside of the boxes that the guests could enjoy after they had gone home.

Since weddings used to be seen as a lucky time, couples felt that they were passing on good luck to the guests at their wedding when they presented them with a bonbonniere. Most of the time the small boxes actually would contain five candies or almonds, which were to stand for wealth, longevity, fertility, happiness, and fertility.

What Wedding Favors Mean Today

Today it is still considered appropriate to send your guests home with a gift in the form of wedding favors. It is actually considered to be bad manners if you do not give your guests some kind of wedding favor. Wedding favors for guests are made to be small tokens of appreciation for attending the wedding and they also serve as souvenirs from the wedding as well. Most couples want to be sure that people remember their special day, so they give out favors that are meaningful as their expression of appreciation.

Plan a Great Bachelorette Party

by Shu Wang

As the maid of honor, you want to throw the best bachelorette party the world has ever seen. As you know, with great power comes great responsibility and it is up to you to make the bride’s bachelorette party dreams come true. But how does one just throw together a fabulous, unforgettable party? Are there any rules to follow? Will it meet the bride’s expectations? Keep reading to find out how to pull off a bachelorette party with maximum style and minimum stress.

Nothing says uninspired bachelorette party than straws, cakes and decorations featuring the male anatomy. You and your girls are better than that, so keep it classy and try to think of something more creative. Of course, the one exception to this rule is if the bride requests all things anatomical.

There is a whole world out there full of non-anatomically correct decorations, discover them! Have a theme, go wild, and get ideas from Pinterest. The world is your creative oyster waiting for you to find that pearl. Just make sure you communicate your ideas clearly to all those attending and allow plenty of notice, especially if you’re asking them to dress to a chosen theme.

Remember the bride does not pay for her own party. This means that you and the guests are on the hook for everything. Set a reasonable budget and follow it. You can have just as much fun with $500 as you can with $5,000. The good news is that many bars, restaurants and shows will give bridal parties discounts if you ask.

Destination bachelorette parties take a lot out of people, especially when one considers that members of the bridal party may need to travel to the wedding. Destination parties can kill a budget like no one has ever seen. If possible, keep the location within a one to two hour drive, so everyone can arrive fresh, ready to party and without getting broke to get there.

Schedule the bachelorette party to take place about four to six weeks before the wedding. This allows bridal stress to not seep into the festivities, but also excites the bride and the guests for the upcoming ceremony. A perfect schedule means a perfect night of fun.

Planning a night on the town doesn’t need to be stressful or expensive. Now you know how to plan the bachelorette bash to end all bashes. Show the bride-to-be why she made the right decision by picking you as a maid of honor by throwing the best party the world has ever seen.

The Hassle-Free Guide to Buying Your Wedding Dress Online

by Shu Wang

Shopping for a wedding dress can be equal parts amazing and totally stressful experience. Trying on several dresses a day for a few solid weekends is enough to wear a bride out, especially if she can't find the perfect fit. While you could virtually try on thousands of gowns, your other option is to shop online for your dream dress.

Don't think it's possible to find the perfect gown online? Here are some tips and advice on how to do it right. It's easier than you think!

What should a bride know before starting her online search (i.e. measurements, the type of shoe she will be wearing, etc.)?

The first thing a bride should know is what type of style she is going for on her wedding day. The dress can really set the tone and mood for the entire wedding day and should coordinate appropriately. For example, if she is having an outdoor garden wedding, then a tea-length dress would be sweet. However, if the wedding is inside a formal hotel ballroom, then she might be better suited in a full-length gown. Of course, nothing is set in stone, and some rules are meant to be broken.

What are some potential pitfalls when going online to purchase a wedding dress?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there, so it is important to be cautious when it comes time to buying the actual wedding dress online. Always use secure payment options, such as PayPal, when buying online.

What kind of return policy should I look for on a wedding dress?

It is common for sellers not to offer returns. In fact, you will find most sellers use policies like "All Sales Are Final." In cases where a seller does have a return policy, then it is standard for them to implement a few percent restocking fee. So, no need for alarm.

Is it more difficult to find what you're looking for when you haven't tried anything on?

Yes, I think the best thing a bride can do before shopping online is to try on some dresses in person. Get a feel for the type of style and fit that you prefer. Cap sleeves vs. strapless, or empire vs. A-line, etc.

Do you have any additional tips for first-time brides who have never tried anything on but are looking to find a dress on a budget?

Rule number one is be patient. When looking for a dress online, it takes time to find the perfect one. Eventually, the one you're looking for will pop up. And always be sure to use a secure payment option to purchase your dress online. Happy dress hunting!

How to Write Personalised Wedding Vows

by Shu Wang
Wedding Vows

Personalised wedding vows have become more and more ubiquitous at weddings since couples have started adding their flair to their ceremony. It’s as common for couples to write their own vows and insert cute little details about their relationship as well as other little tidbits that their friends and family may not know about. Having said this, it is also common for the act of writing vows to strike fear in the hearts of couples everywhere. Many worry they are not writers and have no idea where to start once they sit down to get started. Well, we completely understand that fear, which is why we’ve come up with four suggestions to make writing your own vows a little bit easier.

Go To A Quiet Spot To Think

There’s no question about it…wedding planning is hectic! Which is why writing vows is the perfect excuse to allow you get away from it all. After all, the reason you’re even planning is this wedding is to celebrate the love you and your fiancé share. Find somewhere quiet where you can reflect on the task and clear your mind to think about all the things you hold dear in your relationship with your loved one.

Think About Who You Love

Now, once your mind is clear, you can now start working on the task. You are marrying this person for a reason, so begin my listing everything you love about your fiancé. Then, in an interesting twist, list everything you think makes him truly unique. Write down anything you love, find humorous and even confusing. Trust us, it will help you in the long run!

Consult With Those You Trust

Sometimes even the best writers get blocked. If that happens to you, it’s time to call in some reinforcements. Ask your friends and family members what some of their own vows included (if they wrote their own). Additionally, help them point out the things they love about you and your groom as a couple. Their answers may surprise you and give you amazing inspiration.

Combine and Practice

Now that you have all of the tools you need to write your vows, it is time to build everything. Look at your list and decide what kind of vows you want to have, and then pick out the items from your list which match the feeling you want in your vows and combine them. Believe it or not, combining what is on the list is the easiest part.

Now that all the pieces are together and your vows are complete. Take a deep breath and smile because the hardest part of the ceremony is behind you. Writing vows are difficult for some people because they find it hard to put their emotions into words. Fortunately, by following the above steps, the words will flow and you can smile knowing you completed a difficult task with panache. Don’t forget to edit your vows after you’ve drafted them up.

Prepare For a Destination Wedding

by Shu Wang

So what's a destination wedding? A destination wedding is held in a location where neither one of the couple lives.