Short Wedding Dresses for 2019

by Miranda Li
short wedding dresses for 2019

Bridal minis are the look for a second wedding dress or after-party look. This season's mini is dance-floor-ready in metallics with feather trimmings and vibrant pops of colour.

Mini wedding dresses look very sexy and playful, there are many options to choose from.

Traditional Embroidered Wedding Dresses

by Miranda Li
traditional embroidered wedding gown

If you just want a more traditional gown, today’s roundup is for you. We speak a lot about trendy wedding gowns: coloured ones, plain fitting ones and those with long sleeves but there’s timeless classics that never goes out of style and will fit many wedding venues and styles.

Meghan Markle-inspired Wedding Gowns for 2019

by Miranda Li
meghan markle's wedding dress

The royal wedding was still a hot topic at Bridal Fashion Week, many Fall 2019 wedding dress collections featured at least one Meghan Markle-inspired gown.

Allover Sparkly Wedding Dresses for Wedding 2019

by Miranda Li
Sparkly Wedding Dresses 2019

A glance at Spring 2019 bridal fashion week, I fell in love with stunning gowns with lots of sparkle instantly. A sparkly wedding gown will never go out of style and it’s sure to make your bridal look charming and bright and catch an eye. If you're on the hunt for a dress for your 2019 wedding,

Winter Wedding Gowns with Long Sleeves

by Miranda Li
Winter Wedding

We cannot deny that winter is the most romantic time of a year. Filled with pretty snowflake, festive decorations, snowy centerpieces, sparkling Christmas balls, hot drinks, baby’s breath and pine cone. If you are having a winter wedding, check below, your cold weather big day will be gorgeous!

Black & Gold Bridesmaid Dresses for Winter Wedding

by Miranda Li
black & gold bridesmaid dresses for winter wedding

A black dress with gold sequins, beading or lace patterns is a cool idea, bridesmaids look beautiful in black & gold dresses in any season, they are great not only for festive weddings but for any other – from retro 1920s inspired to modern ones. Choose

Custom Wedding Dress for Ms. Greenwald

by Miranda Li
Custom Wedding Dress for Ms. Greenwald

Today, we've just finished a fit and flare lace wedding gown for our customer Ms. Greenwald. The dress is for Tania's sister's wedding 2018. We hand made the dress from pattern to finish and added a detachable bow at the back according to her specifications. Hope you could get inspirations from this dress.

Ombre Wedding Dresses

by Miranda Li
ombre wedding dress

There are many trendy wedding colours of year 2018: ultra violet, dusty rose, dark red, shades of blue, black, white & gold and so on but there’s one more idea that is getting popularity right now – ombre. Many designers represented ombre wedding dresses in their collections these years. So if you

Slip Wedding Dresses

by Miranda Li
Slip Wedding Dresses

If you are a bride-to-be looking for a plain simple wedding dress but still elegant and eye-catching, meanwhile, you are not a fan for the modern and edgy ones. Why not try a slip wedding dress?

A slip wedding dress comes in a straight skirt silhouette with spaghetti straps or wide straps. Slip dresses first became widely worn in the last decade of the 20th century,

Charming Printed Wedding Dresses

by Miranda Li
print wedding gown

Today we bring you fabulous print wedding inspiration. As we know, floral prints are always a staple for spring and summer weddings. So these printed gowns are just awesome and perfect for garden / woodland weddings in the spring & summer. The best thing