Tips for Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

by Miranda Li
tips for mismatched bridesmaid dresses

The art of properly executing mismatched bridesmaid dresses is a tricky one. Some brides give their maids a colour scheme and set them loose into the shopping world, while others choose a designer, length, and colour, and ask their bridal party to choose different necklines. Whatever the method, having mix-and-match dresses is usually the best way to satisfy bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes. With so many brides going one of these routes, we wanted to see some real-life outcomes.

Beautiful Halloween Wedding Dresses

by Miranda Li
halloween wedding dresses

It amazes me how quickly each year passes and although I’m amazed Halloween is fast approaching once again, I’m also starting to get excited about what to wear for this year’s party or even more exciting, this year’s wedding.

Red Wedding Gowns

by Miranda Li
red wedding gown

Red has always been a popular wedding colour, it looks stunning not only as the colour of a wedding gown but also as an accent colour. Red tones are fabulous as accent colours to really make a statement and add real warmth and intimacy to your look. The colour red provides an attention grabbing effect; use it to set a confident, passionate mood to your wedding.

Black Polka Dot Bridesmaid Dresses

by Miranda Li
black polka dot bridesmaid dresses

Looking for a fun and cheerful design for your bridesmaids? How about polka dots dresses? For me a polka dot dress means elegance and femininity. It is an ideal dress for the bridesmaids.

Charming Lord of the Rings Theme Wedding Ideas

by Miranda Li
lord of the rings theme wedding ideas

If you and your partner are Lord of the Rings fans or you want to have a fairy and romantic forest wedding, take a look at these ideas! How about to add some incredible Lord of the Rings inspired fantastic DIY elements to every wedding décor detail?

Sapphire Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

by Miranda Li
sapphire blue bridesmaid dresses

You can never go wrong with a gorgeous dark blue dress! Sapphire blue is a peaceful, beautiful and elegant colour for bridesmaid dresses in 2020. Sapphire blue bridesmaid dresses are an awesome statement –minimalist-inspired, classic, vintage or any other style you prefer.

Modest Wedding Gowns

by Miranda Li
modest wedding gowns

Choosing your wedding dress for a church wedding ceremony or just love more traditional wedding dresses, today, I’ve prepared a whole bunch of beautiful modest wedding gowns to inspire you.

3 Tips for Choosing the Maternity Wedding Dresses

by Miranda Li
maternity wedding dresses

With so many wedding dresses out there — and the ongoing trend to both colour and silhouette — it's no wonder many brides get overwhelmed when picking out dresses for their big days! Then if you are a pregnant bride, how do you find a dress that helps your feel like the positively glowing mama?

Flutter Sleeves Wedding Dresses

by Miranda Li
flutter sleeves wedding dresses

Today I want to share one more wonderful outfit idea, especially for full-figured girls. If you would like to add some flirty touches to your look, then choose absolutely beautiful wedding dresses with flutter sleeves. Flutter sleeves can make your look more girlish, fun and stylish. So how about this idea?

Classic and Beautiful Mother of Bride/Groom Dresses

by Miranda Li
classic and beautiful mother of bride/groom dresses

Many a bride comments that her mother and her future mother-in-law put more time and energy into choosing their "perfect dresses" than she put into choosing her bridal gown. Perhaps for Mom, the stakes are higher: she wants to look youthful, but not as if she's trying to upstage the bride.