How to Find the Best Limousine Service for Your Wedding

by Miranda Li

You wouldn’t choose the cheapest surgeon if your life depended on it nor would you book the cheapest hotel for celebrating your most important day. With the many costs brides and grooms-to- be face, they often resort to choosing a cheap limousine service just to cut costs.

But let me tell you now, this is not really a smart decision!

One of the biggest mistakes brides and grooms make when hiring a limousine service is simply going with the “best price.” This poses a big risk and could possible jeopardize what could be a flawless and hassle-free wedding day.

The Risks of Getting “Best Price” Deals

Time is always of the essence when it comes to our most important days. More so on our wedding day! Image your limousine not arriving on time. You are late for your wedding. The nervous jitters are now replaced with stress as you worry about being on time for your other commitments.

This causes a chain reaction. A late limousine service may cause you to miss your honeymoon flight that will then force you to cancel on a special guided tour in Hawaii.

Other surprises, not necessarily pleasant, might be waiting for you when you decide to just go by the best price. Say, a 1989 limousine, rusting at the seams, arrives at your door when you were expecting a 2007 model. Instead of being lavished in luxury, you now have to ride an outdated limousine that will appear in your precious wedding photos.

When hiring a limousine service, we need to pay particular attention to details that certify our ride delivers to its promises. We don’t want our limousine breaking down on the way to the wedding chapel nor do we want to be slapped with extra costs not covered by your “best price” deals.

Helpful tips when renting a limousine:

1. Checking the limousine’s condition.

If you decide on hiring a limousine service, you need to know that you are getting your money’s worth. Always check out the vehicle before committing to a service. Give specific instructions and be sure they write down the model and make of the limousine you have chosen and paid for.

2. Get A Signed Contact

Always require companies to provide you with a contract that will clearly state all agreements made. Contracts should also clearly say what happens should they fail to deliver on their promises. If you are parting with your hard earned cash, you need to make sure you are getting a really good deal!

3. Ask About Limo Insurance And Permits

It is mandatory for all limousines to carry their proper permits and commercial livery insurance at all times. Sadly, limousine services are not required to declare or present such documentations when posting in advertising services such as the Yellow Pages. Protect yourself by making sure that these documents are present before sealing the deal.

4. Ask About Limo Industry Associations

It is necessary for all companies who belong to their industry’s associations to abide by special insurance regulations and service rules. Ensure that your service provider belongs to associations such as the National Limousine Association (NLA) and the local livery association. these are good indications that your service provider does their due diligence. The Better Business Bureau is also a good source of information where you can find complaints about limousine services.

You don’t want to be the bride who gets stuck with more bills just because she did not check on her limousine’s insurance policy. You need to protect yourself by being a smart consumer.

Shopping based on price alone does not guarantee a great deal. At the end of the day it is always much better to be safe than sorry.