Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Gifts

by Miranda Li

When it comes to gifts, generosity should not be given second thoughts except when it makes the receiver uncomfortable for some reasons. In this article, we will take a closer look at wedding gifts and the best choices you can make when choosing wedding presents.

Engagement Party

In an engagement party, people are not necessarily required to carry gifts and presents. In the old times, an engagement would only come as a surprise to the people attending the party, and the said party would be used by the close relatives to give a special gift to the bride-to-be that she could use on her wedding day.

In other words, distant relatives and friends wouldn’t have any chance to bring presents for the couple. If you’re invited to a party and you feel worried you might be the only one who wouldn’t have something to give, small tokens would be great so as not to go there empty-handed.

You can check out The Dollar Stretcher for more ideas on how to prepare affordable but fascinating gifts for an engagement party. Of course, being economical is essential but it’s not the only thing that matters. You also have to consider how nice your present is especially when you want to leave a touching memory to the receiver.


A shower is a gift-giving party for the bride-to-be. Although this is not mandatory, this has been practiced through the years by many people. Since this is a gift-giving occasion, most people are expected to bring a token except for the ones throwing the party since it already counts as a gift.

This practice commonly takes place weeks before the wedding. Other people who are exempted from handing gifts at a shower party are the parents of the couple who may already be involved in a lot of costs for the wedding; and, any guest who has been invited to more than one shower party. Guests who also turned down an invitation need not to send a gift.

The Wedding

In a wedding, only those who accept the invitation are expected to hand a gift to the bride and groom. I’ve heard about a couple who invited 300 people to their wedding expecting to receive 300 gifts in return. I didn’t find this practical since you can’t expect all guests to bring gifts. In the end, you’ll just find yourself catering to 300 people during the reception party. In fact, some guests don’t feel the need to bring a gift since they can just do it after the wedding.

They are not also required to buy from the registry. All guests have the freedom to choose whatever they want to give may it be cheap or expensive. It’s the thought that counts.

In an anniversary, it is much appreciated to send a card to let them know you remember them on their special day. Sending a gift is not necessary except on their 25th, 30th, 50th or 75th anniversary.
If you ever run out of ideas on what to give on all kinds of occasions, always depend on your creativity. Again, it’s the thought that counts.