Choosing a Plus Sized Wedding Dress

by Shu Wang

When it comes to plus-sizes, you can’t always rely on your local wedding dress boutique to have the perfect dress for you. Some bridal stores – particularly some of the chains – think that the only size they need to have on hand is a nine or ten. But there are actually some great places to find bridal gowns if you know where to look. Here is some advice on finding and getting the perfect wedding dress.

Try Out Dresses in Your Size

The first thing that you want to keep in mind is that you are not going to get a picture of what you like and what looks good on you unless you can try out dresses in your size. The only way that you are going to be able to do that is if you go to a store that carries your size. This is why you should try the big box stores first. They might not have the wedding dress style that you want exactly, but you will be able to see how your actual size looks on you and then you will have a much better basis for choosing one online or having it made for you.

Be Confident & Take Control

You need to be confident when you are shopping for your wedding dress. You are the one who is getting married and you should be proud of that fact. Be confident in yourself. There is no body shaming allowed. When you call up a store to find out if they can help you, tell them your size with confidence. Also, take control of your shopping trip. If you aren’t confident, you could end up with a salesperson or friend trying to take control. This is your wedding dress and it should be 100% your decision with 0% allowance for pleasing other people.

Move on if Necessary

If you cannot find the dress you want or you are having a negative experience with a salesperson, don’t be afraid to move on. There are other dresses and other stores. You can even order online, get alterations done or go custom if you need to.