Chic & Simple Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

by Shu Wang
Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

The spring season is a beautiful time of year to get married. There are so many colors that look fabulous at a spring wedding from pastel shades through to bright tones. Most spring brides choose colours in light hues as it compliments their fairer skin tones and will look fresh and brighter. Beautiful colours that reflect spring are fresh and delicate. Pale pinks, light hues of blues, rich cream, mint green and soft silver tones suit spring perfectly.

Bridesmaids is another scenery for the beautiful wedding photo shoot. But the bride must be the most beautiful lady at the wedding, as a maid of honor, you cannot wear too gorgeous and sexy than the bride. I think pale pink is one of those colors that never goes out of fashion and it’s perfect for outdoor wedding pictures. Using this sweet colour is sure to make everything seem feminine and romantic in your wedding look and décor. A chic & simple pink dress is a good choice for the bridesmaids. Here are some different pink bridesmaid dresses hope you’ll like.