Cassis Purple and Neutral Wedding Ideas For 2020

by Shu Wang
cassis & neutral wedding ideas for 2020

Ladies, have you been chosen your wedding gown and prepared the coming 2020 wedding? If haven’t, just follow us to check what colours on trend for next year!

Cassis is a group of sweet tones that offers a deeper blend of purple and pink. Cassis is grown-up glam, elegant, colorful, and it’s perfect for spring and summer weddings. Neutral colour is one of the most trendy wedding ideas and it will be perfect for your wedding in every season! I think cassis purple on any neutrals would be stunning! Then why not to choose this colour combination to complement the wedding theme?

If you want to incorporate cassis into wedding, you can choose neutral colour as a leading colour and dress your girls in cassis or mismatch your bridesmaids with something more neutral colours to shine your big day!