Best Places to Buy Cheap Wedding Dresses

by Shu Wang
Cheap Wedding Dresses

If you are a bride-to-be, I am sure you’ve noticed that wedding dresses are getting more expensive. Bride will spend an average of $1,500 on her wedding dress.

We see people spend $10,000 for their designer gowns. For many people, that means a good chunk of their annual salary. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of shopping for your dream dress, but there are a number of options to consider that will help you snag a beautiful dress at a discounted price.

Order Online

Shopping wedding dresses online is very common to many brides nowadays. There are a lot of Chinese websites that sell counterfeits. You do need to do a research and find a reputable seller. The average cost is usually from $200 to $500. From our experiences in this industry, you should avoid dresses under $100 found on eBay. As it's said, you get what you pay for. Those dresses under $100 usually means unaccpetable quality.

When shopping dresses online, you should also consider a little alteration cost. Please find a local seamstress and ask for price about cost of hemming and fitting.

There are also wedding specialists available to discuss sizes and shapes.

Make It Yourself

If you are good at sewing, it is a good opportunity to show your sewing skills. Creating a custom gown is a good solution if your body type is hard to fit, or you have a dress in mind but require a less expensive option or a different shade.

Creating a dress by yourself involves many processes, including finding a pattern, sourcing materials and accessories, andn finally sewing.

If you love the idea of a custom dress but are not up for the work, then a seamstress is the way to go. Recommendations from other brides is your best bet for finding someone good in your area.

Rent Your Dress

If there is a rental store in your area, call them to check on styles and pricing. The cost of renting a dress in a bridal shop close to my home is between $200 to $500. Alterations are included in this price. If you can get a dress for close to the rental cost it makes sense to just buy the dress, however if you have a style in mind that sells for significantly more than a rental then renting might be the best way to inexpensively get you into your dream dress.

Alter a Vintage Wedding Dress

How many times have you seen a vintage garment and loved the fabric but were not crazy about the style? Or perhaps the design was wonderful except for one or two elements. If your family have a vintage gown, have it altered to fit you may be a great option.

Find out what you like and don't like about this dress. Talk with an experienced seamstress to find out if it is possible to realize what you have in mind.

Sell Your Dress

Wearing a dress you love that feels and looks good is important, and there are ways to find that dress without spending a significant portion of your salary. Keep the purchase in perspective, though, because you’ll likely never wear this dress again. So consider what you’ll do with your dress after your day is over.

It you don't want to keep it, selling the dress for cash is a great option. This dress will be of great value to other bride-to-be, and the cash would compensate your cost for the wedding.