3 Tips for Choosing the Maternity Wedding Dresses

by Shu Wang
maternity wedding dresses

With so many wedding dresses out there — and the ongoing trend to both colour and silhouette — it's no wonder many brides get overwhelmed when picking out dresses for their big days! Then if you are a pregnant bride, how do you find a dress that helps your feel like the positively glowing mama? Read on to find tips and tricks for choosing perfect maternity wedding dresses for your big days.

Selecting built-in bra dresses is a great option

Since you are pregnant, your bust size can nearly double in pregnancy, so basically, you definitely don't want a free-bra wedding dress or one off the rack designer.

Pick the light & soft dresses

Select a gown that makes you feel comfy and slim, and you can still keep a styled look across the whole wedding party. Tip: Stick fabrics in lightness — like chiffon, silk or soft tulle.

Consider an empire waist long dress

An empire waistline dress in full length is that the boning ends beneath the bust, offering support, but allowing room for a growing belly and make you feel comfortable and perfectly pretty on your big day!