Stunning Wedding Gowns With Dramatic Necklines for 2021 Brides

by Miranda Li
dramatic neckline wedding dresses

“After Covid-19, nothing will be ever the same,” predicts designer Anna Georgina. “Style will change, as well as the construction of garments.” A large number of wedding gowns with dramatic ruffly and puffy sleeves took over the runways and 2020 bridal collections. If you want to rock something really unusual, we're giving you scoop on the hot wedding dress trends for the 2021 bride.

Custom Mermaid Lace Wedding Gowns

by Miranda Li
custom mermaid lace wedding gowns

Mermaid Lace gowns are the most feminine ones, charming and sweet, especially those with a vintage feel – they make you look like a retro diva! Today, we've just finished three beautiful mermaid lace wedding dresses for our customers for Spring weddings 2021.

Alluring Backless Wedding Dresses To Highlight Your Beautiful Backs

by Miranda Li
backless wedding dresses

The options for picking out your dream wedding dress can be endless. Will you go with eye-catching elegance or incredibly sexy? – How about a backless gown?

Beautiful Coloured Wedding Gowns

by Miranda Li
coloured wedding gowns

If you are a bride who wants to make a statement with her wedding dress colour and don’t want to look traditional, coloured gowns are for you. You may choose lighter or darker ones, and there are tons of ideas to choose from. Jeca Bridal invites you to create your own love story with her beautiful collection of coloured wedding dresses.

Affordable & Simple Wedding Dresses

by Miranda Li
simple wedding dresses

Many couples today switch to simpler and more budget-friendly weddings, if you're looking for wedding dress more simpler but insanely elegant, a simplist wedding dress with a timelessly elegant quality is a popular idea for any modern or informal event.

Chic Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas For Christmas Wedding

by Miranda Li
bridesmaid dresses for christmas wedding

Getting married on Christmas? If you haven’t chosen bridesmaid dresses yet or are hesitating about the looks, here are some ideas that may impress and inspire you. Burgundy, dark red, emerald, hunter, gemstone-inspired hues, neutral-coloured dresses are all welcome to make your girls stand out a lot.

Lace, Blue and Black Combo Bridesmaid Dresses

by Miranda Li
black and blue bridesmaid dresses

Every season has unique colour palette with its own flavor. Blue is always associated with natural beauty, water and the sky, like pastel blue, navy and royal blue never miss any season of weddings, blue and black combo look incredibly chic and charming for the autumn / winter weddings.

Peplum Wedding Dresses For Fashion-Forward Brides

by Miranda Li
peplum wedding dresses

If you are a modern bride and are going for a fall wedding or tie the knot in the city hall and do want to look feminine, sexy, chic, you’ll definitely need a peplum cut wedding gown. Peplum design is a beautiful mix of classic and contemporary influences with clean silhouettes and classic fabrics with no excessive detailing, and how many of the top designers are including peplum dresses in their collections.

Gorgeous Two Tone Wedding Dresses You’ll Love

by Miranda Li
two tone wedding dresses

Planning your wedding? Then we are pleased to share some cool and very beautiful wedding dress ideas again. This time we will talk about two-toned wedding gowns with refined and distinguished details.

Watercolor Wedding Dresses For 2020

by Miranda Li
watercolor wedding dresses

It might be difficult to decide on which colour scheme to choose since you don’t want your nuptials to look in traditional ivory or alabaster tones. Watercolor wedding dresses are the obvious choice for 2020 brides. Coloured wedding gowns are guaranteed to make a statement, but watercolor wedding dresses take the drama one step further, whether you choose a garden-inspired floral print or an abstract ombré gradient for your gown.